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Our Mission

To perpetuate quantifiable trust globally and to make sure our users have the information to make the right decisions in their everyday life.  Prudent decisions means safety with less misfortunes, ultimately supporting happiness and well-being.  U2U hopes to be a part of every user’s daily routine and provide some peace of mind.  Is that not what we all need?

What We Provide

Trust is woven into the fabric of our society, it is a intangible force created by all communities and economies.  It binds us and dictates to us, how we do anything and everything.  U2U Trust measures this trust (for easy to use everyday application) and allows users to use this ‘trust scale’ to better their lives.  U2U touches all the Sharing economies (Gig, P2P, Collaborative, Crowd & Collaborative Consumption, and On-Demand) as well as the wide spectrum of the financial industry.  

A word about U2U Trust

“Trust is often referred to as a risk judgment between multiple parties and in today’s world due to the wide implementations of biased machine learning algorithms and AI the idea behind the trust is broken. Hi, I am Shachindra, one of the Seed Founders of U2U Trust and here we aim to redefine that and bring more transparency into the system. Blockchains has already proved to be a perfect store of value and I believe it can help bring a new paradigm shift in how we establish relationships and social connections between people, businesses and organizations. Our platform uses Blockchain, IoT, data-driven methodologies and transparent Machine Learning algorithms with human-verifiable proofs to create quantifiable trust ratings which can be expressed in not only monetary terms but also various others means as social, professional and even ethical.
These trust score ratings can be integrated into various 3rd party applications and platforms to enhance the operations in P2P Lending, Finding Employment, getting a lease agreement or even online dating. The application scenarios are enormous and our passionate & creative team here is keen on bringing solutions on Proof of Trust to equalize what trust means for different people.”

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