We are the hive.

We are hoping to build a strong network of individuals with shared ideals. We are only the first hive of many more to make our honeycomb more robust.

Seed Member
Shachindra Kumar

Passion, Seeker of Truth and Justice, Tech expert and a rising star in this space, Shachindra is the comprehensive agile company officer that truly understands this space. He is an avid speaker, trainer, and innovator of new and challenging cutting-edge technologies. He has broad experience in IoT, Computer Vision and Blockchain based application developments, including design and development of IPFS based cloud storage and the tokenization of data storage using blockchain based smart contracts. His recent publications include decentralizing the Live Streaming services utilizing the Blockchain and IPFS (Technical Report of IIT Bombay).

Seed Member
Jin Hong

Jin comes with over 25 years of experience of a multi-industry disciplined executive using knowledge transfer from one industry to another to produce a holistic approach to problem-solving, unique management and proven goal attainment. His experience and understanding in multiple industries, ranging from banking, IT, finance, credit cards, entertainment, and F&B enables Jin to have a cross-reference ability to analyze and evaluate risks across platforms. Further, Jin’s ability to communicate and link the traditional finance community with today’s blockchain innovators will prove to be indispensable.

Jin is a passionate manager in creating and searching for out-of-box strategies to branding and business development while fostering a salubrious workplace for all of U2U’s hive members. His vision is to advance transparency without sacrificing the privacy and rights of people. “A vision is as only good as its people, driving them.”

Seed Member
Gaurav Kumar

One of the best Full Stack Developer in this space, Gaurav is responsible for developing intuitive applications with outstanding UI/UX which makes the operations simpler for users. Having both front-end and back-end development expertise, Gaurav stands unique in this space with a better understanding of product requirements and have the ability to make a better strategy for the product SDLC.

Gaurav brings over 7 years of software development experience and has worked with various organizations as EzExchange, Endereum, Blockchain Mind and others, enabling them to create applications for the future. His recent work involves a decentralized application to store and stream users’ data over IPFS network leveraging Ethereum Blockchain.

Seed Member
Kati Aronson

Kati is a connector and provides Corporate advisory, PR & Marketing and IR & Business development services in fintech and disruptive technology space. Kati’s unique combination of experiences in financial and various IT sectors while providing growth and marketing solutions position her exceptionally suited in this ever-evolving blockchain space. She is also Founder of Outchain Blockchain development firm and Concidence Agency.

Kati dedicates her life to understand how we can use the most advanced technology in solving world global social and environmental problems, such as income inequality, hunger, poverty, no access to education, disadvantaged children and unbanked communities, climate change, animal protection, pollution and carbon emission.

Seed Member
Jun Lee

Joining the team as a communication officer, Jun Lee oversees conveying the U2U Trust message to our partners and customers while managing the day-to-day general administration of corporate affairs. Having worked with multiple international companies across several different industries ranging from IT and engineering to medicine and science, Jun is uniquely skilled at deciphering complex matters and making them comprehensible to the layman.

Ever a tech-enthusiast at heart, Jun is well-versed in various tech ventures and has in the past worked in representing international companies in Korea as well as helping Korean companies showcasing their products and services in international scenes.

Seed Member
George Marsden

An expert in risk management, retail and wholesale banking and with a specialty in designing loans, George Marsden stands as one of the only few in the industry who has over 20 years’ experience, stretching over 46 different countries. George’s expanded understanding of exposure risk management applications and credit scoring determination operations enable him to provide invaluable insight for U2U Trust development and its global initiatives.

George is a zealous person in his arts and has even predicted several world economic crashes using his modeling applications. Constantly upgrading and improving his skills sets and with an unquenchable thirst for improving the industry through blockchain, George remains as the forefront expert in this space.

Seed Member
Anish Mishra

Anish key focus is to oversee critical infrastructure and integration, engineering, research, security, and online trust. Anish brings tremendous technical leadership and operational expertise to U2U Trust and has over 10 years of experience in internet network operations and security. He has helped various corporations in digital transformation, enable CI/CD and developed solutions to detect and mitigate cyber attacks.

Anish is an AWS certified professional experienced in setting up various Blockchain Networks as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda etc., and has a strong passion towards developing secure and scalable systems for businesses. He is an active contributor in the network and security operations and research communities and has co-authored a recent paper on scalable live streaming services as well as an avid advocate of a transparent future.

Seed Member
Pravin Shankar

Pravin is a true multitasking tech expert who has excellent communication skills enabling him to run multiple projects in design, development and the various methodologies of testing IT solutions. His trademark ability to be able to cut through the clutter and discern priorities while conveying the mission message is phenomenal and a tremendous advantage when resources are limited such as in a bootstrapped startup.

Having over 9 years of previous work experience in top consulting firms such as Accenture and SAP Labs, Pravin has a wide spectrum of expertise from end to end business analysis, complete life cycle implementations on various S/W, including maintenance, upgrades & enhancements, production support, and interface data migrations. Always ready to support and increase value, Pravin also leads U2U mentoring programs, acting as a farmer and planting the right guidance and knowledge into young minds.

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