Everything we do is based on trust or the lack of it

The Why??? 

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo!  We believe that people should own their own data, their own financial information, and we believe that people should have the fundamental right to be able to trust and verify other consenting people and parties.  Further, we also believe that the world should reward the good and the responsible and place its trust into those who can be transparent.

The How? 

The tools that will take us there is the U2U trust, an enhanced credit scoring system on the blockchain to verify your identity, your validations, your financial responsibility score, the basic beginnings of trust-ability.   The first phases of U2U will be based on financial scoring, the second phases will be internet behavior and social modeling and the third phases will be AI and machine learning and predictive modeling.

The What?

A ubiquitous application that will collaborate and interface with many various internet, blockchain and non-chained applications that will produce a synergetic product that offers people with a verifiable way of attaining TRUST.  

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